Born May 23, 1938 in Paris. Bachelor of Theology – Paris 1965. Master’s degree in Theology – Austin, Texas, USA 1966. State Diploma of Physiotherapist 1969. Diploma of Osteopathy 1981. Married with Monique Grosjean, three children David, Virginie and Alexandre. Since 1980, he has worked on the development of microkinesitherapy. He divides his time between the care at his cabinet of Pont-à-Mousson (F-54700), the teaching of the method since 1984, the research, the experiments and the writing of articles and various works on this technique .

Patrice Benini :
Born April 12, 1948 in Metz. State Diploma of Physiotherapist 1974. Married with Edith Benini, a girl Gladys. He worked at his practice in Montigny les Metz (Moselle F-57950) and since 1980 has been collaborating on the development of the method, experiments, research and his teaching.
And the others:

Hundreds of physiotherapists and doctors practice this technique daily. During the development seminars or reviews, they share their observations which allows to constantly evolve this technique