Microkinesitherapy is a technique performed most often by a masseur-physiotherapist trained in the method.

The purpose of this treatment is to trigger the repair mechanisms that are present in every living being to eliminate the dysfunctions, conditions, and afflictions from which the patient suffers.

To do this, the therapist uses his or her hands to apply gentle pressure on the area where the symptom is reported, then uses the same technique for the whole body, effectively scanning it for traces left by the affliction responsible. He or she uses a particular kind of palpation (micropalpation), which is very gentle and non-invasive.

To trigger the repair mechanism, the therapist must re-inform the body by relating the origin of the dysfunction (the trace preserved by the body) with the pathological features that result from it. This is done in an extremely gentle (infinitesimal) way so as not to reactivate or exacerbate the condition.

The therapist therefore uses the laws of immunology (the body’s defense mechanisms) to trigger the corrective process. It is therefore the patient who will repair themselves with their own abilities.