Microkinesitherapy is a technique of manual care performed most often by a masseur-physiotherapist trained in this technique.

The purpose of this treatment is to solicit the repair mechanisms that are present in every living being to eliminate the dysfunctions that suffer the patient.

For this, the therapist will look with his hands on the symptom, then in the whole body, the trace left by the aggression or the responsible disturbance. He will use a very particular palpation (micropalpation), very light and nonaggressive.

To trigger the repair mechanism, the therapist must re-inform the body by relating the origin of the dysfunction (the trace preserved by the body) with the pathology that results and this in an excessively gentle way (infinitesimal) not to reactivate the pathology.

The therapist therefore uses the laws of immunology (defense mechanism) to trigger the corrective mechanism. It is therefore the patient who will repair himself with his own abilities.