Microkinesitherapy, for whom, how?

Microkinesitherapy, for whom?

Anyone who suffers from a dysfunction (dysfunction of an organ or a function, perceived or not by the patient at the physical or psychological level) can be treated in microkinesitherapy, whatever his age and the type of disease of which it is reached.

Microkinesitherapy, how?

Microkinesitherapy is based on the abilities of any living organism to repair. Any disruption of an organ or function creates a symptom. The therapist does not act directly on this symptom, but will help the body of the patient to fight against the dysfunction. For this, the micro-physiotherapist follows a protocol of care by performing micropalpations on the body of the patient who is lying on a table care remaining dressed (light clothing). The therapist perceives in his hands particular restrictions that will enable him to identify the origin of the dysfunction: its etiology as well as the body stages that correspond to the symptom, which allows it to trigger the restorative mechanism (immunology law).

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