Frequently Asked Questions

It must be accompanied by an adult family member, parents, brother, sister, or grandparents who attend the session.
In general, a session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.
In general, one session is enough. A second session may be considered a few weeks later. If the first is not enough, or in a shorter time if the problem is acute. Three sessions for the same symptom are a maximum. The therapist must have the honesty to reorient the person knowing that he has not managed to find the etiology responsible. An annual session can also be considered to maintain a good health.
The session is not agreed, that is to say, supported (partially) by Social Security. Mutuelles, more and more numerous, refund part of the price according to their bareme. To benefit from it, it is necessary to send the practitioner's honor note referring to complementary manual therapy.
Each therapist sets his price which is variable. In general, the price is around 50 €. The easiest way is to make inquiries by making an appointment.